aprilaire: Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat xPL gateway
The Aprilaire Communicating Thermostat can be monitored and controlled via this xPL gateway. The gateway will discover all the thermostats available and uses the hvac.basic and hvac.request schemas to access and control the data. Configuration is necessary to tell the gateway how to connect to the RS-232 hardware as well as whether round-robin database information should be retained.

Pasted Graphic 2

The type configuration item determines how the gateway will connect to the thermostat interface hardware. Setting the type item to "device" will access a local special device file. Setting type to "net-address" will have the gateway access the hardware via the network. The net-port item must also be set for network access. It takes a decimal port number. Set the rrd item to 'true" or "false" if you want to enable round-robin database recording. The rrddir item is the directory where the round-robin databases will be stored.

This gateway will also process the osd.basic schema to display the alerts in the top screen of the thermostat.